how to replace worn out decking

format wars: the tech that should have won

the quest begins. all images courtesy of mia underwood. we hate format wars. not because we're afraid of good old-fashioned tech fisticuffs, but because they're often completely unjust.

minidv deck

these things when they wear out cause their owners much grief and lost time. fortunately for me our group electronics and other designers knows about service life and that all things do come to

what we didn't get from google i/o 2015

with the nexus 6 coming out at the end of last year, google's nexus line of smartphones isn't due for a refresh quite yet, but we hoped we'd get a sneak peek at what google might have in store for

the 60 best iphone games of 2019

out there is a game about survival and strategy, carefully managing your resources as you travel the stars. it's also a tale of ultimate, lonely isolation. it tells the tale of an astronaut who

my desktop computer won't turn on. power supply issue

also, psu by themselves will act wonky and since you are a gamer that maybe attributing factor due to wear and tear and thermal stress. as the others offered similar insight, but swapping out a

bauer, bats lead indians past twins 5-2 for 4-game sweep

to replace him on the roster, rhp shawn armstrong was recalled from columbus. armstrong has appeared in nine games for the indians this season, posting a 5.97 era over 12 innings.

gaskets anyone?

admittedly, i'm still not completely through the game i have yet to fully explore the shifting sands, although i do have access but i was looking to deck out all of my dudes with some level 20-25 gear as i approach the high level enemies that populate the shifting sands and i'm missing the few parts needed to build the new frames.

toshiba hd-xe1 review: toshiba hd-xe1

our well-worn copy of the big lebowski looked great, and it's encouraging to know that it can replace your current dvd player, even if you already own a decent upscaling model.

the amazing race season 23 episode 2

seeing leo and jamal and ally and ashley put on their helmets, brandon said, this is gonna wear us out. bumpy ride starting the bike ride in fourth place, birthday girl nicole didnt get much of a gift as she struggled to find her balance while husband travis words changed from supportive to critical.

angels' tense times nearly included pujols, hunter fight

angels' tense times nearly included pujols, hunter fight in 2012 as arte moreno's angels sink lower as a dysfunctional organization that's lost its way -- witness the ongoing cold war between gm

four tips for a killer powerpoint presentation

powerpoint goes out of its way to make it easy to apply a consistent style; take advantage of it. in powerpoint 2007, for example, click the design tab and choose one of the themes. and keep it

ces 2018: the strangest things of vegas

integration with ifttt means you can program it to turn the lights on and off and adjust the thermostat when you get in or out of bed. cool or creepy? you decide. cool or creepy? you decide.

the amazing race season 21 episode 7

figure out how to go from point a to point b without someone else's help.' watching abbie and ryan walk past them without saying a word, the foursome joked that abbie had 'crazy eyes.' watching abbie and ryan walk past them without saying a word, the foursome joked that abbie had 'crazy eyes.'

how to tune up your lawn mower just in time for summer

make sure to wear eye protection and work gloves. carefully use the sharpener to hone the cutting edges of your blades. go slowly at first to get the feel of the best angle for meeting the blade