Big4 Airlie Cove MTB Trail

4. Airlie Cove Trails

These trails have been a joint effort between Big4 Airlie Cove and the Whitsunday Mountain Bike Club Inc. and are exclusively for their use only.

Please be respectful of Big4 Airlie Cove residents and keep noise to a minimum at all times.

Trails are open between 6am & 6pm. 

The Airlie Cove Office is open from 8am.

Please feel welcome to drop in and say hi to the team and purchase a cold drink or ice cream!

This loop trail is a fun blue grade trail that all ages and abilities should enjoy.

The trail can be ridden in either direction. However, it is easier to climb if ridden in a clockwise direction (start at green circle on map) which is better for beginners.

Insect repellent is strongly recommended.

Always let someone know where you are and when you expect to be back, be aware of other trail users heading in both directions; a safe ride is a fun one!

Conditions of use:

  • All riders use these trails at their own risk
  • A $2 donation per rider is requested to assist with trail maintenance
  • Please sign your name and number on the Whiteboard at the gate and erase it when you leave
  • This is private land and any illegal users of these trails will be prosecuted
  • WMTBC members must carry their MTBA membership card at all times
  • Mountain biking is a high-risk activity and must be undertaken with care and regard for the riding conditions at all times
  • No liability is accepted by Big4 Airlie Cove Resort & Van Park or the Whitsunday Mountain Bike Club Inc. for loss, damage or injury while riding these trails
  • An Australian approved bicycle helmet and protective clothing must be worn
  • Club members using the trails are NOT to use any other facilities. No pool access, no showers, no BBQs or playground access unless you are staying at Airlie Cove
Airlie Cove Elevation
The Back Story:

In early 2014 Big4 Airlie Cove Resort & Van Park approached the Whitsunday Mountain Bike Club Inc. with a proposal to work together and develop a trail network on their private land in Jubilee Pocket.

Big4 Airlie Cove believe so strongly in the mountain biking potential of Airlie Beach that they have privately funded the entire trail network out of their own pocket ($40,000) with the prevision that the WMTBC provide ongoing expert consultation and trail maintenance.

This is an outstanding show of support from the Big4 Airlie Cove Resort & Van Park and the WMTBC is excited about the beginner and junior development potential this trail offers.

Please help the club continue to grow and foster strong relationships like these by following the basic rules and joining the club on future trail maintenance days.

The WMTBC wish to thank Airlie Cove manager Jody for her endless passion and Airlie Cove owner Kevin for his trust and commitment to the project. We look forward to a positive future working together.