Brandy Creek

This part of the trail is known as Brandy Creek.

From Shute Harbour Road turn onto Brandy Creek Road and continue straight onto Forestry Road.

The official trail head is at (6) on the map where there is a car park and information terminal. However, number (7) indicates a popular meeting point and parking area for riders that don’t mind a bit of extra climbing.

From this end of the trail you can ride the green trails down to Impulse Creek – this includes the Wompoo track (5). There is 10km of green trail. This is suited to those looking for some fast, flowing fun!

Continuing on past Impulse Creek moves into blue trail for 3km, take care crossing the creek; stick to the mesh as the crossing can be very slippery and only cross if the water level is safe. Ride on until you get to the next bridge.

Many riders turn around here and head back (this is what we do on our Tuesday night club rides and it usually takes 2 hours).

If you continue on beyond this bridge the trail progresses into a black (difficult) trail with technical and hazardous features, steep ascents and descents. If you continue on from here be prepared: the next 15km will take 3-4 hours; the trail is remote with limited mobile access.


Take lots of water – there are water tanks on the trail but it should be treated before drinking. Insect repellent is also recommended.

Always let someone know where you are and when you expect to be back, be aware of other trail users heading in both directions; a safe ride is a fun one!