Conway ‘Picnic Tracks’

Conway Picnic TracksThe Conway Coastal Fringe Circuit & Hayward Gully tracks at the Conway Picnic area, Shute Harbour Rd are open to mountain bikers.

The tracks are just past the Airport on the right hand side when heading towards Shute Harbour. There is a car park, drop toilets, electric BBQ’s and picnic tables at the trail head.

The tracks are dual-use rated Green Circle (easy) to cater for beginner/novice riders.
The Coastal Fringe Circuit can be ridden on it’s on (1.2km) or you can add on the Hayward Gully track making it a 3km ride.

There are some obstacles along the tracks (steps) that the beginners may want to walk their bikes over.


Take water as there is no water access on this trail, insect repellent is also recommended.

Always let someone know where you are and when you expect to be back, be aware of other trail users heading in both directions; a safe ride is a fun one!